Some of y’all know that I am hard of hearing. I wear hearing aids. I read lips. It isn’t something I hide or feel even an ounce of shame for. I function mostly normally for the severity of my loss. Hearing aids help a lot but they are far from perfect. I’ve found ways to cope with most of the difficult situations. In social situations I’m usually either dancing or bar tending.

I do struggle with movies or videos of any sort, usually. If I know the person, it’s easier to understand their lips and mannerisms. But most of the time in conference calls or any kind of video conference situation I’m stuck hoping that the notes and email/chat exchanges will shed light on topics so I don’t get too lost. It’s embarrassing, to be honest.
This has been a part of my life for a few months now. I’ve been doing training at work which is heavy in video/phone conferences. I’ve been complaining to my bosses about my extreme dislike for the trainings but even I hadn’t realized why until one of my bosses walked me through what the classes are like. And it hit me. He said, “Is that why you don’t like it?”
Tears instantly filled my eyes and I nodded. It hadn’t even occurred to me that the reason why these classes ¬†had been so awful was because of my hearing. I feel like an idiot sitting in the classes, unable to participate.
You can imagine how excited I was to see the #NoMoreVoicing movement!
This is a movement I can get behind. Captions are amazing. I love watching TV with no sound after my daughter goes to bed and even my husband admits he catches stuff he wouldn’t normally hear with captions on! My daughter loves reading along.

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